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Aluminum billets
Quality :
We are one of the largest aluminum producer in China, and we also use of aluminum coils, sheet, circles, embossed coil etc.
We have produced aluminum rod , bar and billet over 20 years, and we have good reputation of the price and quality in North part of China.


Aluminum Rod and Billets- Extrusion

Diameter 152-592mm

Aluminum Rod and Billets- Cast

Diameter 8-410mm

Aluminium Pipe- Seamless

Outdiameter 20-370mm

Aluminium Pipe- Seamed

Outdiameter 20-508mm

Alloy 1 Series Temper HF,HO, H112


Alloy 2 Series Temper HF,HO,H112,T4,T6

Alloy 2A11,2A12, 2024, 2114

Alloy 3 Series Temper HF,HO,H112,T4,T6

Alloy 3A21

Alloy 4 Series Temper HF,HO,H112,T4,T6

Alloy 4032

Alloy 5 Series Temper HF,HO,H112,T4,T6

Alloy 5A02,5A05,5A06,5052,5083

Alloy 6 Series Temper HF,HO,H112,T4,T6

Alloy 6061, 6063, 6A05, 6A02,6082

Alloy 7 Series Temper HF,HO,H112,T4,T6

Alloy 7A04, 7A09,7075, 7003, 7020

1, Aluminum rod and billets could be used for military, and this is strongly controlled by Chinese Government.
2, All the aluminum rod and billets exportation special autherization license is needed, these license is onlyautherized to big qualified companies
3, We have the autherization lisence for the aluminum rod and billet exportation
4, We need 3-40days producing time, but we need 45-60 days for the documents preparations for government approval.

Prouducing , Packing :




Professional,  over 20 years aluminum exportation and importation

Reliable,  over 7 years certificate in alibaba

Qulified,  SGS, Bureau Veritas, ISO9001, CIQS certificates

We are now supply to Italy, USA, MEXICO, YEMEN, SYRIA and Brazil market , could be used for the electricity industry, powerstation Industry, decoration and other industry usage.
Welcome to vist our factory to test the quality, service and reputation